Donate funds or a testimonial!

Why Donate?

Many of you may not know that house concert hosts do not receive any funds from the donations received at the door. 100% of these go to the artists.

In order to continue this series in a sustainable way, for those of you would like to support our series financially and are able to, I have set up this donation page where you can contribute any amount securely via paypal using the button below.

If you would prefer to send a check (as paypal does charge me a small fee), just let me know and I can email you our mailing address.

ANYONE can contribute a testimonial!

If you cannot donate funds at this time ~ or in addition to donating them ~ you can also contribute by emailing me a testimonial or a story about how you feel our concert series has affected you personally as an audience member or musician,  how you see it enrich the community, memories of a show here, etc.  I will check with you before using any of your comments in any way (towards writing grants, on my website, etc).

What will these funds be used for?

Ongoing expenses (food/printing/internet/website/piano tuning … etc)
After running this series for over 7.5 years, we have discovered that we spend about $50 in food & $10 in printing (Poster for doors & walls) per show / Website hosting plan (I maintain it) over $100 yr / High speed internet for streaming Concert Window / etc. / Terabyte drives for archiving video of the shows / Extra slip and fall insurance for our home / Piano tuning ($100-$200 yr) depending on how many artists come through / And the list goes on!

We also installed a railing for the lower steps which many people really need to descend the steps safely – ($500), and upgraded our 2 toilets so that they flush efficiently & well!

Looking Forward

I was considering forming a non-profit, however, house concerts do not qualify as a non-profit since they are not a business.  I’m still researching my options in that area. Until then – all donations are NOT currently tax-deductible. I will be looking for organizations & individuals who are willing to donate to individual artists/groups that are not non-profits in the mean time so that I have the funds to not only cover basic expenses, but also do outreach so that the musicians that play here can also perform in local schools.

I would also like to  purchase a high quality mic for vocal support when touring artists need it, electronic piano, amp for very subtle amplification, speaker (high quality / low visual impact), better computer equipment, software and cameras for editing video and streaming, guarantee artists a minimum amount (to defer the effects a large number of cancellations due to flu & ice storms!) and also pay myself so that I can contribute to the family income and afford to take a class towards professional development regarding the work I do with the series.

I just became a member of Folk Alliance International. Through this organization, I will have coverage for ASCAP & BMI fees.

I hope that this has given you a good idea of how these funds will be used.  I have hesitated to do this before now, as I have never done fundraising for my own project before and felt a bit intimidated by to whole process. However, now that this series is well-established and smoothly running, and I am confident that it is serving the community & the musicians in a positive way, I want to make sure that it is financially sustainable and can evolve in new directions.

THANK YOU for your support !!

~ Abbie